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  • Updated On: Oct 01, 2014

    Learn more about how to prevent fires in your home.

    > How safe is your home?
    Watch the side-by-side comparison of modern furnishings vs. older style furnishings in a realistic fire test. You might be surprised when you see which room goes up in flames first.

    > The importance of maintenance of live Christmas trees.
    See why live Christmas trees can be such a household danger, and learn the importance of keeping a live tree well-hydrated with daily watering.

    > Tips for safe turkey frying.
    Learn simple tips to fry a turkey, safely and deliciously.

    > Turkey fryers and fire danger.
    Frying a turkey may sound like a fun way to enjoy Thanksgiving with the family, but watch and see how dangerous they can be when proper precautions aren't taken.

    > Pool Safety 
    Learn how to make your back yard pool safer when toddlers are around.

    > 4th of July fireworks – are they worth the risk?
    Although they are a popular Independence Day activity, consumer fireworks are extremely dangerous to users and those around them. See why using them is not worth the risk.

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