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  • Updated On: Oct 01, 2014

    Response time is critical for emergency situations. Ideally, first responders should be on the scene within 4 minutes or less for the best chance at providing help, and the full response team should be on the scene within 8 minutes. As Wichita grows in size and population, along with a lack of fire department staff and stations, 4-minute response times are often not possible in many parts of the city. An even smaller portion of Wichita is properly covered by a full crew, available within 8 minutes. Click on the icons to the right for 4-minute and 8-minute response time maps to determine if your neighborhood falls within a fully protected area.

    • In Wichita, 22 fire stations serve a territory of 163.7 square miles. There are only three fire stations west of I-235, leaving many areas of rapidly growing West Wichita with inadequate response time coverage.
    • With resources spread so thin, all firefighting units and stations are expected to respond to other areas of Wichita and even surrounding communities if additional need arises.
    • In the event of a major fire, emergency or other disaster response situation that could require all units to respond – for example, at a large hotel, sports or entertainment venue, school or business – coverage for other response calls could be severely delayed or even non-existent. So even if you live close to a fire station, your local fire crew may be at the scene of a different emergency, and not be able to provide you with the help you need.

    4-minute Response Map:

    8-minute Response Map:

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